Boys Over Song Birds 


So…yeah, I wrote HanaYoriDango/BoysOverFlowers!Klaine for Villain AU. Yeah.


Kurt accepted the sheet from the teacher and glanced down it, surveying the options for the Dalton retreat. 

  • Paris
  • London
  • Tokyo
  • Beijing
  • Cairo 
  • Rome

He stared before giving up and doodling in the margins. There’s no way his family could afford to send him on the retreat anyways, so what was the point?

“The Red Card!”

The whole class froze as the voice rang down the hall. 

“Sophomore Jacob Ben Israel has been given the Red Card!”

“Class dismissed!” The teacher said and the students all rushed out of the room. Kurt sat still in his seat, staring guiltily down at his paper, trying to ignore the rush of the other students that went by.

“Um…Kurt, right?”

Kurt looked up and a tall brown-haired boy was standing over him, expression curious.

He smiled. “I’m Sebastian. Shouldn’t we go with them?”

Kurt sighed. A transfer student who probably had no idea what was going on. “Might as well show you the ropes.” He got up, motioning Sebastian to follow him.

“So…” Sebastian hedged. “What’s going on?” 

“The Red Card is C4’s declaration of war against a student.”

“C4?” Sebastian frowned.

“Canary 4,” Kurt explained. “Their nickname, because they’re all studying to go into singing. And, if you piss them off, they’re explosive. Basically, the four richest guys in school.”

“Isn’t everyone here rich?”

“Not on their level,” Kurt said. “Most who go here are just politician’s children—” Sebastian nodded, indicating himself. “—or merely wealthy. Or there are the few who are on scholarship, like me. No, C4…they’re beyond rich. Their parents pay the school special money just so they can basically do whatever they want. They don’t even have to wear uniforms.”

“Whatever they want?” Sebastian asked uneasily.

Kurt sighed. “Pretty much. As a result, they enforce Dalton’s no-bullying policy to the point of hypocrisy. They used to just ridicule anyone who’d bully someone. Now if anyone pisses them off, they’ll make sure that the whole school does it too.”

“Oh.” Sebastian rubbed his arm nervously. “Who are the…C4?” 

“There are four members. First, Chandler Kiehl. His dad runs a lot of underground businesses or something. He sort of has this weird tendency to be really exuberant and go after older guys. Then there’s Jesse St. James. His parents have a mini-coffee shop monopoly and they own most of the shops in Ohio. He’s an asshole and he runs through women like water. Then there’s Sam Evans. He’s actually not so bad. He’s like, the adopted son of some East Coast blue blood and he spends most of his time brooding. And then there’s the leader…Blaine Anderson.”

“Wait…” Sebastian’s eyes widened. “Like, of the Andersons?”

“Yep,” Kurt nodded. “Family owns most of Chicago and half of New York. Blaine…is the leader. Don’t get on his bad side. Ever. That’s all you need to know.”

“Okay,” Sebastian nodded as they came to the top of the staircase. Below, half the school was around Jacob Ben Israel, pushing and laughing. Off to the side, four boys without uniforms stood, surveying the damage. Sam Evans broke off from the group and left, casting a glance up the stairs. Kurt blinked in surprise as their eyes made contact.

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Oh. My. God. Honestly, this is everything I’ve ever wanted. And PERFECT CASTING with Sue as Okami-San and Sebastian as Sakurako - everything’s all well and good until he kidnaps you and tries to slice your face off.

I’m just picturing little Kindergarten Blaine pushing Sebastian down and calling him ugly, and it’s glorious. XD

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