"Mercedes, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your body." 



“Embarrassed? No, I’m worried about showing too much skin and causing a sex riot.”

OMG I LOVE Kurtcedes.

That always confused me. Were we supposed to believe that Mercedes was self-conscious about her body or not? Because she says that, which makes me think no, but then she refuses to wear a skirt despite her coach telling her she has to. (Which she should’ve listened to, to be honest. Sue is her coach and she wanted her to be in a skirt like all the other girls so that they looked uniformal. perfectly reasonable.) So, what were we supposed to believe there?

I thought there was a throw-away line about how the skirts didn’t go up to her size comfortably. I think she says, “Those skirts don’t fit me right,” or something, which made me think that she could conceivably fit into the skirts, but they wouldn’t be as comfortable as the pants because the pants fit better. 

So then the problem is that the skirts aren’t as inclusively sized as they should be? I’ll have to re-watch the episode!

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