In which Kurt and Blaine are Wiccan and Hulking 


“So you can shape shift?”

Blaine grins wide and next thing Kurt knows, he’s staring at Tony Stark. Kurt blinks as Blaine morphs back.

“Wow. That’s…really cool.”

“Thank you.”

“Is Tony Stark a figure you imitate often?” Kurt asks, brow raised.

Blaine chuckles ruefully. “Well, actually…I had this friend. His name was Sebastian and we were really close. Like, really close. Like, I had a huge crush on him close.”

“Oh?” Kurt blinks and tries not to freak out because Blaine was gay just like him.

“And I told him about my powers. And he kind of…used me. We did a lot of stuff we shouldn’t have. I imitated far more celebrities than I can count.” Blaine sighs. “When I realized what he was doing, I managed to stop.”

Kurt hesitates, then leans over and squeezes Blaine’s hand. “He manipulated you.”

“I didn’t have to go along. But enough about my sad backstory, how about you?”

Kurt’s eyes flash something dark and he drops Blaine’s hand.

“Er, actually, we don’t have to-“

“No, no it’s…it’s just hard to talk about.”

“You don’t have to.”

Kurt smiles crookedly at him. “It’s easy with you though.”

Blaine smiles too.

“I, uh, I was bullied a lot at school. For being gay. I never actually even came out, everyone assumed. And, uh, there was this one kid: Dave Karofsky. He was the worse, he just wouldn’t leave me alone no matter what. It was getting really bad. Shoved into lockers, tossed into dumpsters. One day we were in the locker room after gym and all his friends had left and he said something to me and I snapped back at him and we yelled and he…he kissed me.”

“Kurt,” Blaine breathes. 

“I was…I was a wreck. He threatened me not to tell anyone and let me go. I barely remember running out of the school and ending up at the ruins of the Avenger’s mansion. And the Scarlet Witch was there. I actually got to meet her. She suggested I stand up to him. That I should fight,” Kurt closes his eyes against a sudden wetness and his voice shakes as he says the rest, “And the next day at school, I used magic for the first time and almost killed him.”

It’s Blaine’s turn to reach across and squeeze Kurt’s hand. “I’m so sorry.”

Kurt wipes his eyes with his free hand and forces out a laugh. “We’re both freaks, aren’t we?”

“A band of freaks,” Blaine reminds, “A young group of superheroes.”

Kurt takes a deep breath and begins to chant, IwishIhadtissuesIwishIhadtissuesIwishIhadtissues

On the coffee table in front of them, a box of tissues and appears and Kurt yanks out several, blowing his nose and wiping his face.

“Well,” Blaine says finally, “Now that the heavy stuff is out of the way, wanna watch trashy reality television?”

Kurt beams. “You read my mind.”

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JackSkellington!Blaine and Sally!Kurt 


Kurt knelt in the snow on the spiraled hill, a large luminous moon outlining his patchwork figure as he picked the dark red petals off of a dead rose with his stitched up fingers. 

“My dearest friend, if you don’t mind,” a quiet voice sang.

Kurt turned, and there was Blaine at the bottom of the hill, his stick-thin figure slowly climbing up to him.

“I’d like to join you by your side,” he continued, nearing Kurt. “Where we can gaze into the stars…”

“And sit together,” Kurt joined in softly as he stood. “Now and forever.”

“For it is plain as anyone can see…” Blaine stood in front of him now and laced their fingers together. “We’re simply meant to be.”

Kurt smiled at him as they leaned forward, wrapping their arms around each other as they kissed in the light of the full moon, the ghost of Pavarotti tweeting happily around them.

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