The plan went off without a hitch. 

They’d waited for the perfect opportunity. 

He was the congressman’s only living family. 

And Burt Hummel was currently in Washington DC.

They broke into the house, creeping until they reached the teenager’s bed and ripped the blankets off him, grabbing over his mouth as he tried to scream and tied him up in a chair. He pleaded too much for their liking, so Azimio ended up gagging him before going to the kitchen.

Karofsky stayed behind, fingering the hairs behind the boy’s ear. “You know, Kurt,” he murmured. “Usually I’d say it’s nothing personal, that we were just hired to do this job… I mean, we’d never even seen you before tonight…” He leaned in close. “But we’re paid to make an example of you by Senator Smythe. So it’s about to get real personal real fast.” His thumb trailed down his neck. “Soon,” he promised, before leaving the room to join Azimio in the kitchen.

Azimio was busy tearing through a bag of chips, laying each of his weapons out on the table. 

“This should be fun,” Karofsky smiled, fingering his favorite scalpel. “It’s been too long since I’ve used this one.”

“I’m favoring this one tonight,” Azimo smiled at what appeared to be a meat mallet.

Karofsky laughed. “Well if—” He froze, his eyes glued to the fridge. A picture. He picked it up and stared at it. Then he silently showed it to Azimio.

They went back into the room. “Who is this?” Karofsky demanded, shoving the picture under the boy’s bloody nose. It was a photo of Congressman Hummel with his arm around a pretty seventeen year old boy with blue eyes, brunette hair, and pale skin.

He smiled. “That’s Congressman Hummel, and his son Kurt.”

Azimio and Karofsky stared at the hazel-eyed, dark-haired, olive-skinned boy sitting tied up in the chair. “Then who the hell are you?” Azimio demanded.

The boy smiled, and suddenly he looked much older than they’d priorly thought. “Your biggest mistake.”

Suddenly his hands were free from the ropes and he grabbed his chair, swinging it around to crack Azimio on the side of the head. He grabbed the meat grinder mallet from him as he fell and turned pound Karofsky’s jaw with it.

When Karofsky came to, he was the one tied up in the chair. He blinked looking around him. The smell hit him first, then he saw Azimio’s corpse on the floor. “What—”

“Shhh,” the boy—well…man, really. It was much more apparent with his change of clothes—hushed him. “I just wanted to talk at you a bit first.” He smiled without any amusement as he sat on a chair across from Karofsky. “Don’t even try and beg for mercy. You were about to torture and then kill a seventeen year old boy, an act I’m sure you’ve committed more than once in your pathetic life.” He took the mallet and tipped Karofsky’s chin up. “Now, keep your wits about you. I want you to be awake during this…”


Blaine washed the blood from his hands after he finished dumping the garbage bags of chopped corpses into the dumpster, and got into his black car. He drove to the Berry residence and parked out front, waiting. After about a half hour, the door opened and he heard goodbyes being uttered on the porch.

“Until next time ladies?”

“Sure, Kurt!”

“Is that your driver?”

“Yeah. Dad hired him to take me around. Said he just wants someone to look after me.”

“Ooh, he’s kinda cute!”

“Shut up, Rachel! See, this is why I haven’t introduced you yet.”

“He’s kind of intense looking…”

“No, trust me, he’s actually a sweetheart. Like yesterday he said I was looking rundown so I should treat myself to a sleepover. He’s nice. Seriously, Blaine’s completely harmless.”

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