Dulce Meum Terra Tegit (The Earth Hides My Sweet One) - Francis x Mary - Oneshot 


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Dulce Meum Terra Tegit (The Earth Hides My Sweet One)

And after all has been said and done and fought for and lost, Mary, Queen of Scots, shakes off her mortal coil, looks down, and pouts.

“Well,” she says, in a voice ice-cold with disapproval, “this is terribly undignified.”

The executioner’s first blow had missed her neck, striking the back of her head instead. The second blow had fared much better, except that her neck was still attached to her body, which the executioner had to cut through— again— before he could hold her head aloft and declare, “God save the Queen!” to a silent crowd.

“Typical English inefficiency, I don’t know what else to call it.” Mary sighs. “And after I said such excellent last words, too.”

Someone chuckles, a hoarse, shy sound that she hasn’t heard in years. “My darling, at least you didn’t die of an ear infection.”

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simple life was not for us chapter four: say something // a great big world

this chapter is francis-centric.

can also read here

“Your Grace!” the wet nurse, Jeanne, says as Francis enters Pauline’s nursery. “We didn’t expect you today.”

Jeanne lifts Pauline from her crib and walks over to Francis. He puts out his hands for his daughter and smiles softly at her sleeping form.

“The Lady Lola isn’t here right now,” she says and Francis stiffens.

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prompt: mob boss!kurt AU inspired by this photoset and waltzy’s tags - “mob boss kurt encounters a little bowtied blaine in a gay bar :D”

They don’t so much bump into each other as Blaine strategically shimmy-dances his way over to the gorgeous guy in the Vivienne Westwood suit who’s been throwing glances his way for the past two songs.

There’s something different about this guy, about his confidence and the sinuous way he moves, how he dances with dozens of men who must be older than him but doesn’t let any of them get too close before he’s turning to another. It’s intoxicating, watching him dance, watching others want him, and Blaine feels a twist of silly pride that his sudden closeness seems to catch the guy off-guard.

"Well hello there," he says, gaze dragging over Blaine’s body in a slow, deliberate way that makes him blush. He tries to keep his voice steady when he replies, "Hi, my name’s Blaine."

"Kurt," the stranger says, distracted, eyes focused just below Blaine’s throat. "I love your bow tie, I really do, but do you mind if I…?" Kurt doesn’t finish, and Blaine’s stomach flips when Kurt’s fingers are brushing over his neck, gently untying the knot until both ends of the tie hang over his shoulders. "Mm, there, that’s better."

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I need so much more of this. Like air.

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kurt/blaine: burt pov, 1000 words

a/n: my hard drive died and i lost like 99% of my wips so i haven’t written klaine for months and this is like me awkwardly catching up with two friends i haven’t seen in ages and has like no structure and is the opposite of good but w/e hi ♥

Burt doesn’t have a whole lot of time for guilt, not unless he’s really earned it. Two decades ago he spent a whole week thinking he’d lost Lizzie’s wedding ring and his conscience made sure he felt every damn second of it even though she didn’t. He deserved that. It may have been pointless, but it’s not as if he’s ever been the kind of man to try to subscribe any concrete point to being human either. He just is. Sometimes these things are unavoidable and sometimes they feel like shit.

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Klaine fic: Hold Me Close 


(A/N: I saw this post earlier today, and I couldn’t help but fic it because omfg most adorable promt ever!  I’m tagging those that requested a fic like this one in their reblogs - hope this fits the bill!)

***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***

Okay, so maybe Kurt shouldn’t have bought the pillow at that sketchy shop on the corner with all the weird things in jars.  But it was half the price of the same pillow online (not that he’d been searching for one online, of course not), and he was living on an intern’s budget, and as used to sleeping alone as he might be, the thought of another person’s arm, snug and warm around his body, made him yearn.

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Reaction Fic 5.14  


Blaine moves out and everything cools off.

He changes his schedule so he and Kurt aren’t constantly in class together and they agree to get lunch every other day. Kurt feels like he can breathe again, even though when he walks into the loft there’s a certain kind of emptiness lurking there he never expected.

He’s not glad Blaine moved out but he’s not sad either. He doesn’t really know. Those six months of sleeping together, waking up together, being together were wonderful and he would give anything to have them back. 

So when Blaine follows him back one day after class, Kurt insists he stay for dinner. And when he has a bit too much to drink, Kurt insists he spends the night. And when Blaine offers to talk the couch, Kurt all but drags him to bed. 

(He’s really proud of himself for giving Rachel noise canceling ear phones as a gag gift) 


It sort of spirals after that.

Blaine does not live in the loft. He lives with Sam and Mercedes. That’s what Kurt tells Rachel countless times.

Like when Blaine is there for dinner, singing along with Kurt as they cook together. Dancing around the kitchen and perfecting duets they never tried before.

Or when Blaine shows up to walk Kurt to the subway and stays for breakfast, offering refills on orange juice and waffles.

Or even when she wakes up one morning to Blaine curled, fast asleep, around Kurt’s body in bed. 

Blaine might be at the loft a lot but Blaine is not living with them.


"Blaine is still living with us."

Kurt blinks as Rachel faces him, hands on her hips and eyebrows raised. She doesn’t look annoyed so much as amused but Kurt still gets defensive.

"No he isn’t."

"This is the third night in a row Blaine has slept over," Rachel points out. "He still has a shelf for his gel in the bathroom, Kurt. Half his clothes are still on your clothes rack and he has a key."

"Okay," Kurt allows, "But he’s still not living here."

"Good morning," Blaine sing-songs as he walks out of the bathroom, towel drying his hair. "Just so you guys know we need juice. I’ll write it on the list for next time we go grocery shopping."

Rachel gestures to him and says, “Still living here.”

Blaine blinks. “What? Rachel, no, I moved out a couple weeks ago, remember? I live with Sam and Mercedes.”

"Yeah," Rachel smirks, "Just like you guys weren’t back together at the wedding last year." 

"We weren’t back together," Kurt points out, "We were just friends."

"And we’re just…neighbors?" Blaine says now. "Except not really."

"You are our guest."

Blaine nods. “I’m your guest.” 

"Yes. Our here every day because he lives here guest.”

Kurt and Blaine share a look as realization slowly begins to hit. 

"Oh my god."

"I never really moved out," Blaine says, collapsing into a chair that Kurt graciously kicks out for him. 

"I’ll leave you two to deal with this crisis,” Rachel says, winking, “Toodle-oo.”

Kurt turns to Blaine once Rachel has left the loft. “Um. You do kind of still live here.”

Blaine chuckles. “Yeah, I do. I guess we never really solved our problem.”

"Well," Kurt says softly, reaching out to take his hand, "I would say we did. I mean…you’ve been still living here for two weeks and I never felt claustrophobic once."

Blaine smiles. “That was probably because we both believed I don’t technically live here.”

"No, I don’t think it is," Kurt says thoughtfully. "We’ve cut back on all the time we spend together when we’re not here and I think…I think that’s what we needed, you know? Space. In our everyday lives but not…not forever."

Blaine squeezes his hand. “I do sleep better when I’m here. Sam snores.”

Kurt laughs. “I think we were so determined to talk our way through our first New York fight we kind of…over reacted.” 

Blaine scoots his chair closer. “Yeah. I guess me moving out was never the answer.”

"Good thing you never really did," Kurt teases and smiles as Blaine leans in for a kiss. "But just to be official because we never really were before…Blaine Devon Anderson…will you move in with me again?"

"Kurt Hummel," Blaine says, voice soft and eyes bright, "I would love to." 

Kurt bites his lip and eyes the clock. “Celebratory quickie before class?”

"I love living with you," Blaine says, getting to his feet and tugging Kurt to the bedroom.

Their bedroom. 

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fic: Building Blocks (Klaine; PG-13) 


So, there’s this post going around, and the “go to buy groceries” line struck me pretty hard (in case people weren’t already aware of OH HEY MY DOMESTIC!KLAINE BONER LET ME SHOW IT TO YOU). Anyway that’s what this is. Pretty simple. ~3000 words, enjoy ♥

It’s not really surprising to either of them that they spend most of the first four days christening every available inch of the new apartment, including a fair percentage of the walls. Kurt tries to be productive during their breaks by unpacking a box or two, but then Blaine will just look at him and Kurt has to tackle him to the floor. They’re both bruised and frankly exhausted, but neither would have it any other way.

The only thing that does surprise Kurt is that they actually managed to wait until all of the furniture was more or less in place and all of their clothes hung up or tucked into drawers before beginning this… this marathon. As far as essentials go, two out of three isn’t bad. They’ve got ‘clothing’ and ‘shelter’ covered; ‘food’ will just have to wait.

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Rish. Very minor spoilers for 5x14.

"I don’t know," Kurt said. "Having sex in someone else’s car? It’s kind of like having sex in someone else’s bed."

"We had sex in my mom’s car," Blaine said.

"Not to completion.”

"Not for lack of trying."

Kurt winced. “I can’t believe I almost came where my future mother-in-law puts her groceries.”

Blaine grinned. “Actually, she loads them in the trunk. Kind of like you—”

"Don’t mix come-ons and your mom," Kurt interrupted. "I thought you were trying to talk me into this, not out of it," he said, while Blaine laughed.

"Okay, okay." Blaine took a calming breath. "You can’t blame me for being giddy though, we just ate a meal that costs as much as we spend on groceries in a month, and now we’re going to fool around in a town car.”

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Anonymous prompted: klaine + the single dad and the helpful neighbor

The hot neighbor is at the door and Kurt’s shirt is covered in about as much cake as his baby is covered in.

He tries not to panic and fails miserably, picking up Emily and steeling himself for completely blowing all the progress he’s made over the past few weeks, being friendly with Blaine and only inviting him over when Emily was down for her nap.

"Hi—" Blaine says cheerfully as soon as Kurt opens the door, and then his eyes widen, taking in the sight of them. His smile is so bright and warm and completely the opposite of what Kurt was expecting that it makes his chest twist up tight. “I see I already missed the party?”

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Good Things Come in Small Packages, Kurt/Blaine, PG-13 


This is a story about how Kurt rescues Blaine and they fall in love, aka a lot of pocket!Blaine fluff with a happy ending, based on this adorable fanart by gwladus.
mucho thanks to megan for her sweet pocket!blaine ideas ♥

Kurt didn’t like to think about that day he found Blaine curled up in the cold - he was just glad that he did. He hadn’t even questioned what someone so tiny was doing outside all alone before scooping him up in his hands and taking him home, gently rubbing his shoulders with the pad of his thumb so the boy would stop shivering, face scrunched sadly.

After that all Kurt could think about was helping Blaine warm up. He made soup for Blaine to sip from a teaspoon and heated up water in a teacup, politely turning away as Blaine got undressed and crawled inside with a tiny splash.

Although Kurt hadn’t met anyone pocket-sized before Blaine, he was still surprised at how handsome he was. His face was sweet, almost adorably cherubic, but he had kind eyes the color of warm honey and a smile that lit up his face after he started to feel more like himself, warming up in his teacup bath with a bellyful of soup.

"I’m Kurt Hummel," Kurt said after Blaine was finished scrubbing himself down in the water, and he held out his finger for Blaine to shake. Blaine took it, smiling politely.

"Blaine Anderson."

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