I woke up this morning with an epiphany: no one has done this already (as far as I know), so it was up to me to make it exist.

You’re welcome.

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Nonnie requested a crossover with Kurt and Blaine in Pawnee. Spoilers through the season finales of both Glee and Parks and Recreation. Part 2 of 2! (Part 1)

* * *

When the elevator doors ding, two teenage boys step out, followed by a discreet cameraman swinging around in front of them. Someone is having a muffled screaming fight behind a closed door down the hall. The overhead lights flicker and buzz, casting a sickly yellowish tinge. Three police officers walk past with a man who’s in handcuffs and hollering about Zorp. The line for … something stretches around the corner and past the elevator; every person standing there looks like this is the morning after a five-day bender and they’ve been in line since the dawn of time.

The smiles drop off the boys’ faces. The taller one stops posing for the camera. He mutters, “Blaine,” out of the side of his mouth.

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