I can’t honestly be the only one who gets really disappointed if their calendar picture for the month of their birthday is rubbish, right?

i have been waiting for this post my whole life


The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack honest to god it makes me want to just drop out of school and become a pirate with this burning passion but my mom says that’s not a sensible option

  • me: wow i really need to start reading the books i bought
  • me: *reads fanfiction*


tbh if i follow you i can pretty much guarantee that i have thought about you at least once when i’m not even on the computer


if you ever meet me in real life i am so sorry

sorry that your whole world will be wrecked once you realize i’m fifty times cooler in person



do you have a friend who’s usually a sweetheart but when they’re angry they’re the creepiest and the most cruel motherfucker you ever saw in your whole life

#wait #this is actually me though


If you were to tell fourteen year old me that in a decade I’d love werewolves more than vampires, I’d tell you that you were crazy.

  • everyone in my dash: i'm never gonna start watching teen wolf
  • everyone in my dash: i said i won't
  • everyone in my dash: i'm not gonna watch it
  • everyone in my dash: i'm ndf gonnefdf waht ti
  • everyone in my dash: i't nee gowaol ffti
  • everyone in my dash: 't eer ngg waolf fti
  • everyone in my dash: teer ng wdf olfiy
  • everyone in my dash: ttern wwotfl
  • everyone in my dash: teen wolf
  • everyone in my dash: TEEN WOLF
  • everyone in my dash: TEEN WOLF
  • everyone in my dash: PRAISE IT


if i spent as much time writing as i did talking about writing

or even half as much time as i did thinking about writing

i would have a billion books