"You are the only significant other I need in my life."




This is why I didn’t like the Hummelberry friendship this episode. Kurt was there for Rachel when she was lonely, but she obviously didn’t do the same for him.

i’m probably gonna get unfollowed for this but i don’t care this needs to be said. rachel is a really shitty friend to kurt. she assumes he’s moved on from blaine and thinks her relationship is the same as her’s and finn’s but it’s just not. he didn’t have to steal him away from another girl, they’ve not broken up about ten million times. kurt and blaine were (and still are) in love. i don’t doubt she and finn weren’t in love but i just don’t think it’s the same kind of relationship klaine have. all she talks about now is brody and doesn’t really seem to care about her bff anymore she has a new boyfriend.

Not to mention violating a turkey with Brody at Thanksgiving, a holiday she promised to spend with Kurt because ‘he’s the only man she needs’ and asking Brody to move in to their apartment without so much as mentioning it to Kurt. I used to have a lot of faith in their friendship and now it’s pretty much gone.

Kurt/Blaine + Rachel, PG-13 


Anonymous asked: kurt and blaine get back together and have shamelessly loud sex, much to rachel’s dismay

Blaine knows it’s going to be bad the second Kurt’s eyes narrow. He knows that look. He fears that look. That is not a good look.

“What did you say, Rachel?” Kurt asks, his voice overly sweet. Another warning sign.

“Kurt, don’t be that way. I’m just saying that I have early classes tomorrow so if you two could please be considerate of that and be a little quieter tonight than you were last night—”

“Considerate,” Kurt says, cutting her off with a strained laugh that comes off a little hysterical. Oh, this is going to be bad. Blaine grabs for his mug and busies himself with gulping down his coffee. “You know, the considerate thing to do would be to find somewhere else to stay for the next two days, considering this is the first time Blaine and I have seen each other in months.”

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