60-Day Klaine Hiatus Challenge

day twenty: Favorite Klaine Trope
→ sub!Blaine, Dom!Kurt

» A message from devonwood:

the plot of this next season of glee is going to be so stupid but can you imagine blaine getting a job teaching new directions and then like two weeks later kurt gets a job teaching the warblers and blaine is like D: and kurt just smirks and calls him blaine warbler and tells him new directions is going down and blaine is such a conflicted lil bean.



if you completely ignore the THEY BELONG IN NEW YORK AND THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT IN THE BIG LEAGUES of it all then omg i am so fucking on board with this.  they spend half the time treating the situation like it’s one of their weird power dynamics sex games (even though they always keep in mind that there are kids involved and like actual people’s lives and stuff) and they come home every night and bitch at each other and argue and end up ripping off each other’s clothes and fucking on the kitchen floor omg megan please write it i’ll love you so muchhhhhhh


but yes the tension between them is unbearable but they somehow manage to keep their relationship from the kids until they have a “friendly” competition  and kurt and blaine are sweaty and yelling about step-touch dancing and Blaine’s all “when I was a Warbler” and Kurt’s all “I was a Warbler, too!” and they step off into the wings to “have a chat” but really they’re making out in the supply closet and all the freshmen are like ???

and they spend so much time riling each other up that Rachel swoops in from out of nowhere as the director of Vocal Adrenaline and wins and Kurt and Blaine treat their kids to ice cream for a job well done and then go home and do it on the couch.



prompt: mob boss!kurt AU inspired by this photoset and waltzy’s tags - “mob boss kurt encounters a little bowtied blaine in a gay bar :D”

They don’t so much bump into each other as Blaine strategically shimmy-dances his way over to the gorgeous guy in the Vivienne Westwood suit who’s been throwing glances his way for the past two songs.

There’s something different about this guy, about his confidence and the sinuous way he moves, how he dances with dozens of men who must be older than him but doesn’t let any of them get too close before he’s turning to another. It’s intoxicating, watching him dance, watching others want him, and Blaine feels a twist of silly pride that his sudden closeness seems to catch the guy off-guard.

"Well hello there," he says, gaze dragging over Blaine’s body in a slow, deliberate way that makes him blush. He tries to keep his voice steady when he replies, "Hi, my name’s Blaine."

"Kurt," the stranger says, distracted, eyes focused just below Blaine’s throat. "I love your bow tie, I really do, but do you mind if I…?" Kurt doesn’t finish, and Blaine’s stomach flips when Kurt’s fingers are brushing over his neck, gently untying the knot until both ends of the tie hang over his shoulders. "Mm, there, that’s better."

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I need so much more of this. Like air.





As actors our bodies are our instruments.

And my instrument is getting a little out of tune?