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Is it just me, or does Christina Perri's song 'human' make you think of Elena and the Salvatore brothers? About halfway through season three at this point. ASDFGHJKL; The episode just ended with sexy psycho doctor fucking SHOOTING Ric!

OMG MERIDITH. I love it. The whole end of season 3 is just a twist and turn palooza. I think Season 4 is probably my favorite, but I had forgotten how enjoyable 3 was. Are you planning on watching The Originals, too?

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Not knowing what this was about I spent a few minutes confused as fuck thinking you were now shipping Duo/Relena. Thanks for that. :P

Haha, you’re welcome!

I would have tagged it with something TVD related, but there’s honestly enough wank in the tags. Which is why I made the post. :(

I am dying. I just can’t.


… No but seriously, I know everyone probably feels this way about their younger selves, but it is … disheartening to see all the Japanese sprinkled throughout my posts, and me thinking I’m all smart because I liked Fight Club. :p

Reblog if you have a friendship of more than 5 years. 

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Name: Wonderfoozle. Age: 693. URL: My child is a little monster. I live on Pluto. My hobbies/interests include gay smut, singing loudly to "My Heart Will Go On" and cooking food that I can't eat because I'm too fat. My main fandoms are Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. I follow you because you're my best friend in the whole universe. Random fact about me: I will no longer have a cell phone as of June 13. Question: Why don't you ever call or text me? I MISS YOU!


Well, mostly because I’m trying like hell to get my life in order, and not spending so much time on the computer or even near my phone. And before that I was mostly ignoring everything and letting my life go to shit.

(Also, I would just like to mention that you are the only person who sent me an ask. I think all my followers are bots. :p)

Edit: Also also, I thought I couldn’t text you because you don’t have a cellphone?

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This has been driving me nuts and I can't remember if I'm right, also if anyone I know will know the answer it's you. Wasn't there an episode in the beginning of Glee in which Rachel is talking about having two dads and in the episode comments that one is black but they don't know which one is her "real" father because they used both of their sperm in the surrogate? Or am I totally remembering something incorrectly?

Yep! That was in the pilot. Why do you ask? 



I am getting forced out of my house soon because of being gay and transgender.

Mum: “You either need to stop acting like a boy and be a girl, or get out. You are ruining your little sister’s life with your choices. A six-year-old cannot go around and say, ‘I have a two brothers, one used to be a girl.’ That’s not right and God and I are disappointed in you.”

I don’t know what to really do. I just turned eighteen, and I don’t have a job yet since I am trying to finish up schooling.

If anyone has a room open or something in the Las Vegas area, please help.

I will try my damn hardest, even if it means I cannot go to college, to get a job and help pay bills if it is necessary.

But I cannot live here anymore because of my family.

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Apparently I am a farmhand in District 11. Come fix my tractor. :P

Hahaha, ilu. Only if you promise to pay me in vine-ripened tomatoes and aren’t bothered if your truck explodes. ;)

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You know she left Tumblr, right? Also, that is hysterical. WTF OG?

I didn’t till you said, and then I went and checked and was sad! I don’t know how I missed that she was leaving … and then the subsequent actual leaving. Clearly I am very observant.

And I know, right? It’s just … really really odd. XD