Love is madness,” I say. “Doesn’t everyone agree that you’d do anything, endure anything, to be with the ones you love? So either you’re willing to let them use you with any sort of cruelty, so long as they keep you— which makes you a fool— or you’re willing to commit any cruelty, so long as you get to keep them— which makes you a monster. Either way, it’s madness.

Rosamund Hodge, Gilded Ashes (via mashamorevna)

this is a problem inherent to art, with all your walter whites and tyrion lannisters and humbert humberts and richard iiis— put the audience in the mind of the villain and some idiot’s gonna put the book down or walk out of the theater and go ‘man, that guy is awesome. i want to be that guy’. but those people are idiots, you know?

on villain protagonists, maddi of fact (via hotelsongs)


I figured most of my Facebook friends would miss out on some of Martin Luther King, Jr’s quotes that are less palatable for complacent America. So I made some aggressive and hard-to-ignore photos to bomb their feed with for today.

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and incur my own abhorrence.

Frederick Douglass, Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass

We find ourselves involved in the gross paradox of liking a stupid book the better, because its stupidity is American.

Edgar Allan Poe

I have never known what I was. If I’m not completely any one thing, then what am I? Who am I? Something in between? Or nothing?

Micah, Justine Larbalestier’s Liar

If you love someone, do you love all of them? Even the mucus in their throat, the cankers in their mouth, the cavities in their teeth?

Micah, Justine Larbalestier’s Liar

Not one of them has ever suggested that maybe I lie because the world is better the way I tell it.

Micah, Justine Larbalestier’s Liar

I was sick of people, like Chantal, who’d hardly known Zach, acting as if they’d been best friends. As if his death was her own personal tragedy. Now she’s forgotten all about Zach and is all gossip about Erin all the time … Chantal’s a hypocrite and every bit as big a liar as I am.

Micah, Justine Larbalestier’s Liar

This is exactly what it felt like when my friend Joanna died in high school. There were so many people on the bus that day I wanted to punch right in the face, crying about how wonderful and amazing she was when that previous Friday they had all been viciously bullying her. I don’t think it will ever stop disgusting me, and I don’t think I will ever forget their faces. 

They think I am made of country, with forest in my veins. But I’m a city girl: sewers, rats, subways - that’s what’s in my veins.

Micah, Justine Larbalestier’s Liar