“Who are they?” Kurt muttered, glancing over at the team of boys in scarlet-trimmed navy cheer uniforms.

Santana glared at the group. “Oh you mean homo-explosion? They’re the Warblers. Basically our only real competition.”

“They almost won last year,” Brittany said. “But then Quinn did her routine and she was magical, so they lost.” She frowned. “But now she lost her magic because she got pregnant.”

“Basically, Twinkletoes, it’s up to you to ensure that the Cheerios win this year,” Santana sighed. She clapped him hard on the shoulder. “Don’t screw it up.”

Kurt gulped.

Ten minutes later, he was lost coming back from the bathroom. He looked around frantically for anyone in uniform. There was a boy in dark blue and Kurt reached out to tap him on the shoulder. “Excuse me?”

The boy turned, his eyes widening.

“Um, hi,” Kurt cringed, feeling incredibly awkward. “Can I ask you a question? I…this is my first time at one of these.”

The guy was still gaping, but he stuck out his hand. “My name’s Blaine.”

Kurt looked down at the hand in surprise and shook it. “Kurt. So um…how do I get back to the main gym?”

Blaine grinned, gripping his hand. “Come on, I know a shortcut.”

They weaved in and out of people, through two doors, under an odd archway and suddenly they were in the gym again.

“Thanks!” Kurt grinned. “Wow, I can’t believe I got lost.”

“Next time, don’t forget a map, new kid,” Blaine grinned, straightening his collar. “You’ll do just fine.”

Kurt blushed as his fingers lingered on his collarbone.

One of the announcers started to say something and Blaine looked up with a smile. He bowed to Kurt. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

And then he ran to the middle of the gym where the Warblers all gathered as the opening strains of Maroon 5’s Harder To Breathe.

Kurt stared as Blaine sang lead. He’d turn to him after a particularly difficult run or move and he’d wink at Kurt.


The Cheerios ultimately won Nationals, though it was a close call. Kurt was high off the victory, jumping giddily down the hall to get a drink of water.

“A fourteen minute Celine Dion medley. I’m very impressed.”

Kurt turned to see a smiling Blaine leaning against the wall.

“Thanks,” Kurt blushed. “You guys were phenomenal as well. You’re a really great singer.”

“Thank you,” Blaine smiled.

Kurt opened his mouth, then closed it. No. He couldn’t. He’d just made the same mistake with Finn and look where that led him. He shuddered slightly at the memory in his room from the week before. “I…I guess I’ll see you next year, then?”

“How about Friday night?”

Kurt blinked. “What?”

“Friday night,” Blaine grinned. “Go to dinner with me. I’ll pick you up at eight?”

Kurt stared, unsure. Take a chance, something whispered in his ear. “Sure!” he smiled.

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